SAN DIEGO — Enforcement began Monday for a new ordinance that regulates street vendors along the Embarcadero.

Only permitted vendors will now be allowed to set up, and they must set up in designated spots.

Officers with the Harbor Police Department were out patrolling along the Embarcadero starting around 7 a.m. to check that vendors were in compliance with the new rules.

The new ordinance requires all commercial vendors to have a permit and places a limit on the number of vendors allowed to set up along the Embarcadero.

Similarly to San Diego’s beaches, the Embarcadero has become crowded with vendors over the past few years, prompting residents to file complaints to the Port of San Diego.

In February, the Port’s board adopted the new ordinance and has been working to inform and educate vendors about the new rules.

“There are 36 commercial vendors that have been given permits,” said Larry Hofreiter, Director of Parks and Recreation for the Port of San Diego. “We’re looking forward to getting them set up and running.”

The port has put specific markings along the Embarcadero for designated commercial vendor spaces.

There are also 41 spaces reserved for religion or political purposes.

Permits are issued via a lottery system, with each permitted vendor allowed to set up for approximately seven months.