Botanic garden open an extra day this week for rare corpse flower bloom

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A view of the corpse flower in bloom in October 2018. (Photo: SDBG)

ENCINITAS, Calif. — If you want to see the rare corpse flower bloom at the San Diego Botanic Garden, you’ll have an extra day this week to try to catch a glimpse (or smell.)

The garden, typically open Wednesday-Monday, is open every day this week as staff is on standby for the bloom. Officially named Amorphophallus titanum, the plant is called the corpse flower because of the rancid scent it gives off to attract carcass-eating insects that pollinate it.

A corpse flower typically blooms once every 4-5 years and the fully-opened bloom lasts only 48 hours. The plant can grow up to six inches in one day, and the garden showed off its 14-year-old plant’s progress on Instagram this weekend. It last bloomed in October 2018.

Entry to the conservatory where the corpse flower is housed is included in garden admission. Children can visit for free with an adult ticket purchase in October as part of Kids Free San Diego.

The plant is also available to view on a 24-hour livestream set up by the garden.

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