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SAN DIEGO — In a time filled with so much uncertainty, America’s pastime has found a main attraction. 

A diamond from the Dominican Republic rewriting the unwritten rules of Major League baseball, Fernando Tatis Jr. has made leaps in his sophomore season while staying true to his roots and heritage. As one of baseball’s hottest new superstars, he’s well-worth a mention as San Diego celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month.

“You know everyday I just get to the field and try to do the best for my team. I just work hard every day. I get to the park and the game I try to give 110%,” Tatis told FOX 5, reflecting on his start to the 2020 season.

Fernando’s father, Tatis Sr., was a former Major League Baseball player with his own slice of baseball history, becoming the first player to hit 2 grand slams in the same inning. 

“I didn’t take that for granted,” his son said recently. “Everything my dad taught me was there, we put it in practice every single time and I think it’s showing up right now.” 

Tatis Jr. has already earned his own lore in Major League history, helping the Padres become the first team in league history to hit 4 grand slams in as many games. It’s created a new buzz around “Slam Diego.”

“That’s history, I love being a part of this beautiful history. What can I say, it’s going to be remembered forever, that’s how I see it,” Tatis said.

And four grand slams are just the tip of the iceberg — at one point, Tatis Jr. led all of the MLB this season in runs, home runs, RBIs and stolen bases. 

“You know, everytime I get to the park and the game is about to start, I tell myself, ‘It’s time to make history.’ So every time I get out there, it’s just me trying to do something special for those people that are watching,” the slugging shortstop said.

Nearly 30% of Major League Baseball is Latino, or of Latino descent. Call him the Dominican Derek Jeter. Crown him the mid-season most valuable player. At just 21 years of age, you’re going to continue hearing a lot about Padres Fernando Tatis Jr.