Join The Hill’s first installment of the “2024 Debate Breakdown: An Insider’s Look at the First Republican Presidential Debate.”

The Hill’s Political Reporter Rafael Bernal, National Political Correspondent Julia Manchester, and Congressional Reporter Mychael Schnell break down the top moments from the first Republican Primary debate and how the debate resonated with Americans. Register for the Debate Breakdown stream here.

Democratic Strategist  Michael Starr Hopkins & Republican Strategist Sarah Chamberlain will analyze the performance of each of the presidential hopefuls and look at which issues were most discussed and look ahead to the second Republican Presidential Debate in California in September.

Thursday, August 24
9:00 AM ET / 6:00 AM PT


  • Rafael Bernal, Political Reporter, The Hill
  • Julia Manchester, National Political Correspondent, The Hill
  • Mychael Schnell, Congressional Reporter, The Hill
  • Michael Starr Hopkins, Founding Partner, Northern Starr Strategies; Democratic Strategist
  • Sarah Chamberlain, President & CEO, Republican Main Street Partnership; President & Founder, Women2Women Conversations Tour; Republican Strategist

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