Services from knowledgeable servant leaders and other professionals who pursue lifelong learning improve communities. The best people to offer these services are experts and leaders knowledgeable in cooperative shared visioning, problem-solving techniques, and implementation tactics. Von Nkosi is in a unique position to propose solutions to communities because of his capacity to engage with them and gain an understanding of their problems.

Von M. Nkosi is a well-known architect, coalition builder, businessman, and change agent. He is the founding President and CEO of the Institute for Local Innovations (ILI) and Liquid Studios (LS), where he oversees operations and project execution, specializing in community revitalization and renewal initiatives. Together with a variety of stakeholders from different communities, he oversees and leads initiatives to bring about development and solutions. 

Nkosi highlights the importance of community development as a key component in efforts to address issues within communities, support them in building on their past achievements over time, and foster a culture of ongoing enhancement of the standard of living for a wide range of community stakeholders.

Von Nkosi has brought together a group of independent practitioners and thinkers who share his values, working from a “shared vision” to help communities reach their full potential. Finding and implementing locally driven solutions is the main goal of Liquid Studios. In addition, Von Nkosi’s goal is to encourage greater innovation and long-term advancement to enhance the quality of life for low-income people, families, and communities. 

Speaking on Founder’s Story, Nkosi revealed his ongoing partnership with NASA’s T2X (Technology Transfer) Program to achieve UN sustainability goals like Zero Hunger, Climate Change, Health and well-being, and Clean Water. With the T2X, the idea is to enable individuals and businesses who want to solve these global and community problems to leverage NASA’s technology to bring widespread solutions worldwide. Additionally, through the years, Von has spearheaded the business case and drive for affordable and mixed-income housing in the Metro Atlanta area.