It’s 9:30 a.m. at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and the opening bell excitement fills the historic trading floor.  Since the building was erected in 1903, select media groups have been allowed on the floor covering the most influential financial center in the world.  In that regard, nothing has changed except which media groups are now on the floor.  Gone are the newspapers and radio correspondents, and now, with their cameras, floor lights, and video monitors, are select broadcast outlets.  You, of course, know of CNBC; the first studio at NYSE, but not too far away on the floor, is FINTECH.TV. 

The 4-year-old media company recently built its new studio at the exchange with a mission to cover what CNBC can only briefly mention in their shows: the rise of blockchain, digital assets, and sustainability.  These sectors are now mainstream topics with a growing appeal to investors and, most importantly, every generation, especially Gen Y and Z.  FINTECH.TV’s mission is to cover them on a global scale, 24/7, and be the new financial channel and voice for these generations.

As the opening bell winds down, anchor Vince Molinari wraps up his interview with Congressman Tom Emmer, talking about legislation for cryptocurrencies.  Vince is a veteran entrepreneur with a long history on Wall Street and is also the founder of FINTECH.TV.  He’s taking his deep background in blockchain, digital assets, Web3, and sustainability to create a news channel that reports and educates, which is where Vince says is the opportunity for the new network, “It is in the core DNA of FINTECH.TV, we focus on stories, people, and topics that have not yet been amplified because they are in newer or emerging industries…as people become more educated, we are seeing the movement of capital into these areas because they understand and see the shift that is happening.”

To create the 24/7 platform FINTECH.TV is focused on building studios at financial centers around the globe.  With their main studio at the NYSE, they also have daily reports from Nasdaq and currently building a new studio in Abu Dhabi at ADGM, the financial heart of the UAE.  In the next 6 months, they expect to be in Tel Aviv, Singapore, and India with anchors, studios, and live coverage.

FINTECH.TV already has impressive global partnerships in place.  One that Vince is particularly proud of is Sustainable Stock Exchange TV, which is a collaboration with the United Nations to talk with CEOs of Exchanges around the world about how they are pivoting to sustainable initiatives and helping solve the 17 sustainable development goals by 2030.  What many people don’t usually understand is how technology, including blockchain, crypto, and Web3, intersect in many areas with the SDGs.  Hence, the opportunity for FINTECH.TV to cover these sectors and reach a growing global audience that is passionate.

As the control room signals that Vince is clear to leave the anchor chair, you can see him turn around, looking once again at the FINTECH.TV backdrop, the historic floor of the NYSE, Vince says, “Every day, there is an energy that is hard to describe unless you are lucky enough to be invited to see it in person.  We are so fortunate to be able to launch FINTECH.TV at the NYSE and be one of the few media companies on the floor.  I really believe we are reporting on history and how the financial community is pivoting into these new sectors that are changing the world.  It’s an exciting time to be in media.”