Companies today are searching for new and better methods to manage their operations, grow, and offer outstanding goods that their customers enjoy faster. In recent years, technologies such as Agile Product Development have significantly accelerated productivity in small, medium, and large-scale organizations worldwide, albeit more effectively. Valerio Zanini Agile Product Development specialist and Founder of 5D Vision discusses how the industry is altering the workplace on the Founder’s Story.

Valerio Zanini is a Certified Product Innovation Trainer (CPIT) and a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). He founded 5D Vision to assist enterprises of all sizes in adopting Agile Product Development principles to increase productivity. With training, tailored seminars, and hands-on coaching, Zanini and 5D Vision have assisted hundreds of customers worldwide in learning, implementing, and improving Product Management and Agile methods.

As a trainer, Valerio Zanini conducts extremely interesting and dynamic training sessions that include simulations, exercises, and group discussions. His classes, which cover Scrum, Lean, Kanban, Product Management, and Design Thinking approaches, have been praised for their engagement and depth of learning. He presents real-life examples from his experience working with Scrum teams and developing digital solutions in many sectors. 

With hundreds of students going through Valerio’s Product Management Classes each year and a long list of startups and Fortune 100 corporations under his tutelage, he focuses on Product Thinking, an iterative cycle of ideation and validation to build solutions that match the consumer’s needs. Product Thinking enables teams to investigate and develop customer-centric solutions by concentrating on customer wants, solution validation, and market dynamics. Valerio says, “Product Thinking complements Agile and Scrum practices.”