Is AI really coming for everybody’s job? How scared of AI should you be? These are some of the most commonly asked questions in the world today. However, according to AI expert Chris Winfield, “Nobody should be scared of AI, but instead should be scared of people who understand the use of AI.” Meaning, the future of work is going to be AI-driven, however, only professionals who have mastered the use of AI would thrive in their industries. 

Chris Winfield, driven by his passion for simplifying complex terms and technology, founded Understanding AI, a project dedicated to helping individuals and businesses understand and leverage the use of artificial intelligence to get their jobs done faster and better. With decades of experience, Chris’s journey via Super ConnectorTM has led him to interface with over 40,000 businesses, including global giants like Disney, Intuit, Virgin, and Microsoft.

Chris’ journey into the world of artificial intelligence started as a curious enthusiast eager to explore the potential of AI. Here, he found that most available resources were not only complex but overwhelming, and with the rise in popularity of AI use, there was the need for simpler and easy-to-understand AI tools; this birthed the creation of Understanding AI.

With Understanding AI, Chris has managed to cut through the noise and present AI in its simplest form; in his words, “I want to help you make the best use of this transformative technology,” be it in business or everyday life. This is because Chris sees a future where the best brains in every industry would be people who have mastered AI.