In an often chaotic world, finding inner peace is challenging. Thais Gibson, a renowned development expert, offers a beacon of hope through Personal Development School (PDS), guiding individuals to release subconscious burdens and grow personally. Recognized for her expertise in relationship enhancement and personal development, Gibson’s PDS has established her as a top-selling author, speaker, and influencer committed to transforming lives.

Merging attachment theory with her extensive knowledge from various disciplines like hypnosis, trauma, and neuro-linguistic programming, she birthed the Gibson’s Integrated Attachment Theory™. Powered by this unique approach and advanced technology, Thais offers 65+ courses, hosts monthly webinars, engages actively on social platforms, and is soon launching her second book “Learning Love: Build the Best Relationship of Your Life Using Integrated Attachment Theory.”

What distinguishes PDS? Its emphasis on the subconscious. Beyond mere affirmations, Thais targets deep-rooted behavioral patterns. This holistic approach has positively impacted PDS students’ relationships, emotional health, and overall productivity.