In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult for creatives to find their footing or establish their presence by connecting with like minds who are just as committed to their creativity without becoming a part of “Hollywood,” especially creatives who have stories to tell but lacked the financial and technological backing to putting together a groundbreaking project, Cinematographer Tannon Sweet is an outlier who is on a mission to bring Hollywood to creatives and not the other way round. 

Tannon Sweet is the founder and CEO of Starseed Productions; he is a cinematographer who is well-versed in the creative and technical aspects of the job. Tannon is known for his flair for creative content and expertise in capturing moments that translate into powerful images and videos that effectively convert. Speaking to Daniel Robbins of Founder’s Story, Tannon said, “Everyone has a story to tell,” and neither access to funds nor lack of sophisticated equipment should hinder anybody from telling their story. This exactly is where Starseed Production comes in, as a platform for creatives to work together and leverage on one another as a force. With Starseed Productions operating out of St. Louis Missouri, Tannon is leading a creative project that allows other creators, not just cinematographers, but essentially anyone who has a story to tell or express, to come on board, irrespective of their background or where they are located, and leverage the zeal and drive of other creatives within the Starseed Productions Movement.