One must have a certain mental fortitude to get through life and succeed in business. Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel, renowned authors and resilience coaches are on a mission to touch readers with the nuggets in their book, Master Your Mindpower.

Stéphane and Shalee Schafeitel, better known as “Stéph & Shay,” believe that mental and emotional obstacles will generate resistance in life and business, preventing people from reaching their full potential. Stéph & Shay are the world’s leading resilience coaches, having personally trained and mentored thousands of corporate leaders, high performers, and coaches to overcome these energy-sucking hurdles and become resilient and successful. 

Their first book, Master Your Mindpower, is about breaking free from emotional prison. They reveal the Mindpower ideas and tactics that have helped thousands of clients succeed through their Mindpower programs. “Master Your Mindpower will help you to increase your resilience, mental toughness, and overall success,” Stéph says of the book, which is intended to be a guide for anyone ready to improve their inner resilience and take command of their life.

While speaking on Founder’s Story with Daniel Robbins, co-author Shay says the book provides readers the tools they need to overcome mental and emotional hurdles, improve mental and emotional resilience, and implement new success tactics. Readers will leave with a better grasp of the power of their thoughts and how they can use it to live a more impactful and fulfilling life. 

According to the authors, they have already positively impacted the lives of 100 million people, including business leaders and high performers, through their works and programs. They are now on course to get to the one billion mark.