The phrase “pharmacists are first pharmacists…” comes from the fact that, traditionally, the primary responsibility of a pharmacist is to help their patients access their medication and prescribed treatment routines. However, in today’s fast-paced world, pharmacists are going the extra mile to acquire business skills that will transform their practice, improve their downlines and profit margins, and, most importantly, build a team that functions like clockwork. This is where professionals like Patti Mara come in by using her Independent Pharmacy Success Program as a platform to help independent pharmacy owners improve their operations. 

Patti Mara is a business consultant, author, and international speaker. She developed the Independent Pharmacy Success ProgramTM (IPSP), a coaching program designed to assist independent pharmacy operators in navigating the volatile pharmaceutical sector and ensuring success and client retention. She is also the author of UpSolutions, a simple formula for business leaders and front-line team members to position themselves as solution providers, allowing the company to stand out, attract customers, and enhance profitability. In her words, UpSolutions is the recipe for independent businesses to survive and thrive in an ever-changing business world.

Patti has assisted hundreds of independent pharmacies in repositioning themselves for success and significantly increasing client loyalty, team engagement, and profitability. Speaking to Daniel Robbins on Founder’s Story, Patti expressed her confidence in her strategy, which she describes as ‘proven,’ whose result includes a clear message, a highly motivated team, and returning customers.