Nir Zavaro has seen it all, having operated at the highest level across numerous industries in the last two decades; Nir is believed to have seen it all and, therefore, possesses the needed skills to transform businesses via his coaching methods. His book ‘F*ck the Slides’ helps founders and business leaders turn their presentation into a story worth telling.

Nir Zavaro founded Streetwise, a Creative Sales Agency that specializes in outsourced marketing services. He also teaches marketing and brand management in various establishments in Israel, in addition to successfully assisting hundreds in raising funds by changing their stories. Step-by-step, his unique method has been proven successful all because he helps founders fix their pitch and their story.

Streetwise was established with a strong belief in the power of branding and the idea that any company can succeed with small, straightforward changes rather than large marketing expenditures. 

With an extensive background in sales, marketing, and branding, Nir links it all to storytelling techniques. Since 2011, he has impacted hundreds of founders and business brands worldwide as an entrepreneur, storyteller, author, and speaker.