Dealing with tragedy and loss is a human experience that never gets easier, and many people fail to recover from tragedy or put their losses behind them. As someone who understands grief and deals with issues head-on, graphics designer and photographer Nikos Cox wrote Jurni, an emotional story of a girl who, against all odds, pushes for success. 

Author, designer, and photographer Nikos Cox has traveled extensively during his career. Nikos has traveled to at least ten different countries on three continents, giving him a wealth of knowledge about many cultures and the everyday lives of individuals from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

In a conversation with Daniel Robbins of Between the Pages, Nikos calls Jurni his first literary effort. According to him, he was inspired by his desire to live and learn to cope with losses. The story of Jurni, which is extremely moving, instructs young readers about life and death. 

Nikos tells the story of a little girl interested in math, physics, and space that shines a light on how we may all cope with loss and sadness in the book Jurni. It demonstrates how all people, regardless of age, are affected by catastrophe’s bewilderment, suffering, and shock. 

Jurni’s father tells her to look up at the stars after her mother passes away because her mother will always be there. Jurni then decides to travel in the direction of the stars she can see above. Her goal was to become an astronaut so she could reconnect with her mother. She must, however, get beyond the one obstacle in the way of realizing her greatest wish.