As humans, emotions dictate everything we do. They dictate our thoughts and our feelings, which, in turn, dictate our decisions, and actions. Ultimately, emotions dictate the results of everything we do. That’s why it’s so important to understand and control your emotions. This is highly evident in the performance of business owners and entrepreneurs. According to a study from Harvard University, 95% of successful business owners have high emotional intelligence (EQ). Micaela Passeri, award-winning business strategist and coach has made it her mission to help entrepreneurs get a handle on their emotions to increase their chances of running successful businesses. 

A Background in Entrepreneurship

Micaela Passeri has over 20 years of experience developing six and seven-figure enterprises. Based on that experience, she has turned her attention to helping others find similar success. As a five-time award-winning emotional intelligence business strategist, coach, international speaker, author, and community leader, Micaela uses her two business degrees, expertise, and numerous certifications to help business owners earn more, feel happy, and enjoy personal independence through result-focused income-generating tactics.  

Emotional Intelligence Is The Key To Success

At the core of everything she does, is developing your EQ

Micaela is adamant that a person’s capacity to break free from the emotional bonds of the past is strongly related to their capacity to succeed in business. Their level of emotional intelligence and ability to control their emotions in all facets of life indicate their earnings potential, success, and growth. Once she has helped her clients to find emotional stability, it’s time to get to work. Using result-driven tactics, she turns her attention to teaching and implementing strategies and actions that increase revenue, efficiency, and productivity. Despite this additional focus, she makes sure to keep her clients balanced emotionally. “Tactics are great, but I focus on bridging the emotional gap between stagnation and prosperity in my clients. Often, the obstacles that cause us to worry are the very things that we can turn into confidence and opportunity.”

Putting It All Together

Understanding that one’s emotional state impacts one’s financial situation, Micaela created a unique method that combines business implementation, planning, and strategy with emotional subconscious programming about money and success, which motivates results. Her work has aided hundreds of clients in raising revenue, improving productivity and efficiency, implementing workable methods, boosting self-confidence and inner knowledge, banishing worry and demotivation, reviving stalled momentum, and breaking their income ceiling. As a prominent member of her community, Micaela also oversees Love Your Evolution. Within this platform, she reaches her audience and mentees to further assist them in developing both their business and emotional resilience.