Today on Founder’s Story host Daniel Robbins speaks with Matt Clark, a seasoned entrepreneur who has triumphed over adversity and built multiple seven-figure businesses from the ground up. With an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to making a difference, Matt founded Virtual Edge to help entrepreneurs create more leverage in their businesses so that they charge more, work less, and have a predictable way to have consistent earnings.

Matt Clark is a serial entrepreneur, dynamic speaker, and a leader in B2B consulting. He is a lead generation expert, mastering the science and psychology behind marketing. He is the founder of The Virtual Edge, and co-creator of The Rainmaker System – an online marketing system that helps coaches, advisers, and consultants get 2-5 high-value leads per day from Linkedin without paying for ads.

Matt has helped over 1000 businesses in 17 countries grow exponentially. Their 3 step approach places human connection at its core, paving the way for a new wave of lead generation marketing. They are a multi-million dollar company and have helped their clients grow to six and seven figures without paid advertising.

As an industry expert, Matt has spent years perfecting the art of automating a business. According to him, “AI is not about taking over your business,” instead, it is a tool that business owners must train to think like them and basically understand the core idea behind their business. Matt believes, the proper use of AI is a game-changer for business owners and is a surefire way for them to retain between five to ten clients per month to get to certain figures.

Undoubtedly, Matt has proven himself as an intersection between, lead generation, marketing, leveraging social media platforms, AI, automation to increase the downlines and earnings of a business. With Virtual Edge, it’s not just lead generation but leads that converts into sale.

Alongside his success, Matt embraces adventure as an adrenaline junkie and prioritizes health to keep their mind sharp, proving that a balanced life is the key to achieving remarkable accomplishments.