It is said that “laughter is the best medicine”. Edward Miskie, a sole survivor of a rare cancer, wholeheartedly agrees that humor is a powerful coping and healing mechanism.

He is the author of Cancer, Musical Theatre, & Other Chronic Illnesses and in this funny-as-cancer-can-be book he tells of his close shave with not just the near-deadly illness, but the often overlooked body dysmorphia, sex, relationships, and loss of personal identity; the hidden fights one endures outside of just chemo, radiation, and other medications. This must-read book chronicles a journey through a cancer diagnosis, alcoholism among other coping strategies, heartbreak, and mental health. It is undoubtedly an inspiring adventure!

Miskie was diagnosed with Rare Enlarged B-Cell Burkitt’s-like Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 25. At the time he had a budding acting career, a boyfriend with whom he had made plans for the future before his diagnosis and start of treatment, and a ride-or-die group of pals. However, before the end of his multitude of hospital stays he no longer had a boyfriend, some friends proved to be not as ride-or-die as he thought, and he had to figure out his whole professional life all over again – nevermind the physical and mental limitations cancer left him to rebuilt post-hospital.

In the beginning of his cancer-free era, Edward calls it a ‘tumultuous time’. Not necessarily because of the cancer itself, but because of the reality that was brought to the forefront of his recovery.

“I think most people assume that once you’re cancer-free you just pop right back into the life you had before. It was – to me at least – a surprise that that is NOT what happens.”

Survivorship aside, Edward Miskie is an exceptionally gifted actor, producer, and now author who uses his story and platform to connect to those with similar experiences and hold space for conversations around the not-so-often spoken-about corners of cancer. Find him at @edwardmiskie on all platforms or

Cancer, Musical Theatre, & Other Chronic Illnesses is currently being adapted for TV (pending SAG-AFTRA, WGA strikes).