Growing up, Joe Simonetta never dreamed he would one day win a national triathlon, let alone win it at 80, in his first attempt. However, a personal commitment to knowledge, health, and fitness set him on a path advocating for healthy living and striving to help reduce suffering in the world. Joe, who has seen and experienced much in our world, has dedicated his life, wisdom, and wealth of experiences to help sustain humanity and advance our civilization.

Joe has a bachelor’s degree in business from Penn State University and master’s degrees from Harvard Divinity School and the University of Colorado (architecture). 

He has held a variety of positions, including those of Army officer, professional tennis player, businessman/entrepreneur, author of eight books, senior editor of the World Business Academy, real estate developer, home builder, environmental activist, and twice-nominee for the U.S. Congress and once-nominee for the U.S. presidency (Democratic Party National Convention, New York City, 1992). 

In his efforts to help reduce suffering and heal the world, Simonetta has found that life is clearly an interrelated interdependent phenomenon. Simonetta argues that humanity must understand that we live as a tiny part of an enormously larger interlocking whole in which all the parts are interconnected and dependent upon each other for survival. 

We exist not separately, he says, but in communion with all other living things. Everything lives in relationship to everything else. Like it or not, he says, life has behavioral demands — if one wishes to continue to live — that can be summarised in seven words: be healthy, be kind, respect the environment. These seven words have the power to change life as we know it: the way we govern, the laws we enact; the way we do business, the products we create, the services we offer, the way we treat employees and our environment; the way we treat each other, the way we treat ourselves.

This understanding is necessary to arrest and reverse our destructive and unsustainable momentum, improve the quality of our lives, end our needless suffering, prosper together, find peace, sustain humanity, advance our civilization, and succeed as a species.