Consumers should be able to regulate who has access to and uses their personal information. While consumers cherish trust, current corporate practices involving consumer data use and abuse have caused a schism between many companies and the people they serve. This is where data privacy specialist Jodi Daniels and her team at Red Clovers Advisory shine, as they simplify data privacy practices to enable businesses to interact with customers and sell their services or products.

Red Clover Advisors combines data privacy strategy and compliance with flexible and scalable services that reduce the complexity of data privacy. They modify, update, or construct your privacy structure, making commercial and legal challenges visible and actionable. Red Clover Advisors, founded in 2017, is one of the few women-owned privacy consultancies in the United States today. 

With a personal commitment to ensuring mutual trust between businesses and their customers, Jodi is on a mission to assist business enterprises in focusing solely on privacy through several privacy programs developed by Red Clover Advisors, such as GDPR, CPR, and US privacy compliance laws. 

Jodi advises consumers and internet users to be wary of the information they provide when signing up on new platforms and apps, especially from creators and companies they do not know or trust. She also advised caution when using Generative AI tools for businesses and consumers; most generative AI does not guarantee privacy. She says this is difficult for organizations whose contracts are intended to protect clients’ privacy or confidentiality. If a company enters client, customer, or partner information into a chatbot, the AI may exploit that information in ways the company cannot predict.