Every “rags to riches” story is inspiring, but nothing beats the capacity to lose everything, restart, and rebuild from the ground up. As someone who has lived through these situations, Jean Louis Hardy believes it is his obligation to assist business owners in better understanding their vision and goals. 

Jean Louis Hardy is a sales specialist, business coach, and mentor. He founded ENG2, a high-performance transformation firm. Jean empowers entrepreneurs to establish a purpose-driven business through attitude and strategic structure through ENG2.

According to Jean, most businesses fail owing to a lack of clarity, with the founder’s vision accounting for 60% of all business success. “Without clarity and vision, you get chaos and burnout.” This is where Jean Louis Hardy comes in to bridge the gap.

Hardy encourages his customers to go deep to find their truth. Living genuinely and authentically entails assessing your life’s purpose in all facets. Hardy explains that there are three categories or “containers” of life to concentrate on health, spirituality, and relationships. Instead of focusing simply on business growth, he encourages his customers to have a clear purpose and meaning in their lives, as this will assist in altering their professional lives and generate true benefits for others.

Hardy’s purpose as a business coach and mentor is to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals. He has helped numerous businesses increase revenue by discovering their purpose using ENG2. He is well-versed in the difficulties that entrepreneurs endure and has continually demonstrated how to overcome them with tenacity and determination.