It isn’t easy to function today without having a personal brand. On TikTok, doctors are gaining followers, while legal professionals are generating viral reels, and while this is just the beginning, content creator and publicity expert Jay Jay explains why. “Connection and trust is the newest selling strategy.” 

Jay Jay, a globetrotting creator who has visited over 100 countries to date, is redefining the PR industry by assisting emerging firms in establishing a media presence. Currently residing in Miami, Jay is the Founder and CEO of Ace of Spade agency, a digital marketing and Public Relations firm that leverages the use of public relations, social media marketing, and advertising techniques to help people, brands, CEOs, sports, and celebrities in identifying their distinct competitive advantages so they may establish themselves as an authority in their industry.

Ace of Spades Agency is a PR firm that uses traditional and digital media to help firms reposition themselves and establish themselves as experts in their industry. Ace of Spades Agency aims to assist businesses in creating their brands and position them in front of potential clients and investors. 

For Jay, PR is more than just getting in the press or having a solid web presence. This is because individuals don’t just buy a product or service; they buy because of trust. Celebrities constantly try to sell us something, whether it’s on television or social media. While the internet and social media make establishing a brand and selling a product simple, they also bring about a particular issue. Jay Jay highlights the value of trust. “People need trust the most online right now,” Building your brand’s credibility is crucial whether you are trying to sell your services or those of others.