Every business is driven by the desire to close sales and make a profit. In today’s business world, PR companies like Influencer Press employ psychological strategies such as pre-influencing prospects, which lets them nudge prospective customers in the right direction before engaging with a salesperson. 

Influencer Press is a publicity and marketing agency with the sole purpose of helping service-based businesses get their prospects 82.3% sold before a sales conversation through a strategy known as “Pre-influence.”  According to the head of Enrollment at Influencer Press, Jake Kent, while speaking to Daniel Robbins on the latest episode of Founder’s Story, “Influencer Press uses applied influence research, automation, AI, and more. We help service-based businesses go from 6-7 figures and 7-8 figures without signature solutions.”

Pre-influence is the art and science of building buying beliefs, producing authority, and constructing systems to have clients pre-sold before they even schedule a meeting. “According to research, consumers sniff out inconsistencies and decide what they believe about your company and whether or not they’ll buy before engaging with a salesperson,” Jake added.

With knowledge and application, Influencer Press will inform businesses on who, what, when, where, how, and why. Influencer Press is committed to assisting service-based organizations in establishing buying beliefs, eliminating objections, and pre-selling clients by pre-influencing purchasing decisions. At the core, Influencer Press embraces a concierge-style service that ensures each client is taken care of while still following an agency performance model that focuses on ROI.

With the ever-changing business and sales landscape, Influencer Press helps businesses stay ahead of the curve and, most importantly, stay ahead of the competition and increase their downlines and profit margins within the shortest possible time.