Delving into PR, Kristin Marquet underscores the psychology underpinning its effectiveness: the power of third-party validation in cultivating trust and driving consumer decisions. As CEO of Marquet Media, a New York-based PR agency in the digital arena, Kristin shares how PR outshines generic advertising, offering instant credibility that resonates with potential customers.

With over 15 years of industry expertise and a flourishing career, Kristin spearheads Marquet Media, overseeing operations and shaping campaigns for clients. Her efforts have propelled brands into the spotlight of acclaimed publications like,,, and Entrepreneur, reaffirming her prowess.

Marquet Media’s proven track record becomes its defining feature when navigating a saturated media landscape inundated with ceaseless pitches. Amid the cacophony, its established legacy elevates the likelihood of clinching coveted spots in esteemed media outlets, effectively amplifying its clients’ voices.

As an award-winning PR and digital marketing agency, Marquet Media’s reputation reverberates across diverse industries. Its multifaceted expertise traverses various sectors, ensuring tailored and impactful strategies catering to each client’s needs and aspirations.