It takes more than numbers to run a successful business. Founders and CEOs understand this little nugget that occasionally, businesses should seek help and “seek healing” from those whose specialty is helping businesses regain control and balance. One such healer is ultimate business healer Kareen Zahr Walsh

Kareen Zahr Walsh, popularly known as the ultimate Business Healer, is a visionary business and people strategist, author, podcaster, investor, and 7-figure business-creating entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of Revampologist, a 7 figure boutique strategic growth consulting and advisory company, where Kareen and her team help their clients get clarity on the vision for their business. Kareen is the author of “Lead with Value,” a toolkit for leaders that helps them understand the requirements for success. 

Kareen has nearly two decades of experience optimizing performance in the health and wellness, eCommerce, technology, and finance industries and running top-performing teams in complex environments. She has a proven track record of assisting C-Suite executives in translating their vision of impact into action, often resulting in a 10X return on investment. 

Kareen understands that ideal leadership for sustainable growth is at the convergence of people, process, and technology because she is both a strategist and an investor. Also, becoming a tech executive early in her 20s positioned Karen in a vantage position to understand how things work at the highest levels in business. Speaking to Lee O’Brien on Founder’s Story, she said, “Challenges were all the same; it is the intersection of people, process, and technology,” but the most common denominator was leadership. According to Kareen, the ability to properly utilize these factors in making the right decision determines the success or failure of businesses. 

Since Revampologist came on board, Karen has worked with and transformed trillion-dollar companies to implement strategic initiatives and startups to develop growth strategies. She accomplishes this by aligning strategy with principles, integrating conscious leadership, and adding practices like breathwork and holistic health for long-term growth and a more humane workplace.