In the current period, rising organizations are incorporating “The people” into the core of their operational and service delivery culture after observing the success of conventional legacy companies. This indicates that businesses are putting customers at the center of everything they do to achieve their internal goals. Hanoi Morillo is skilled at bringing ideas that affect regular people to market because of her prior work at Google, IBM, and Scotiabank. 

Hanoi Morillo is a skilled worldwide investor, executive, speaker, and writer. She is the CEO and co-founder of Fivvy, a fintech startup in the USA that aims to empower traditional and online banks to provide customized customer experiences and leverage exclusive data models to boost profits. She is also the author of two Amazon best-sellers.

Speaking with Lee O’Brien on Founder’s Story, Morillo acknowledges that the rise of fintech does not portend the demise of traditional banking but rather presents a chance for convergence to guarantee better service delivery. Fivvy is at the vanguard, empowering banks to outperform rivals using state-of-the-art, data-driven technology, and customized client interaction tactics. 

Fivvy’s cutting-edge technologies enable banks of all sizes to deliver unmatched client experiences by releasing the enormous potential concealed within financial data. In as little as three months, banks can become data-driven, customer-focused enterprises with Fivvy’s accelerated implementation process. Overall, Fivvy allows banks to utilize their data while providing a more customer-centric approach.