When discussing ways to prevent today’s major killer diseases –  heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease – our muscle mass generally doesn’t come to mind. Surprisingly, as  Robert Iafelice correctly states, muscular health is vital to disease prevention and longevity, prompting him to write, “Hold on to Your Muscles, Be Free of Disease.”

Age-related muscle loss, according to Robert, is not unavoidable. That is why he has dedicated a significant portion of his practice and expertise to championing a campaign and helping people understand why muscle is the most underappreciated organ in the human body that drives robust health and healthy aging, and more importantly, how to build, protect, and sustain it with the proper nutrition and physical exercises.

Robert Iafelice is an author, functional nutritionist, and freelance medical writer. He is the author of “Hold on to Your Muscle, Be Free of Disease,” a book that offers a fresh viewpoint on wellness and illness prevention in the context of muscle health. It is critical that you maintain your muscular mass as you age! Muscle mass reduction causes functional loss, decreased metabolic health, and hastened aging.

Robert’s diversified background includes substantial expertise in fitness/wellness as a gym owner, university nutrition instructor, health educator in the nutraceuticals sector, oncology, and extensive experience as a nutritionist in functional medicine.