Families are struggling today due to a variety of reasons, including being forced to spend time apart and parents working multiple jobs to make ends meet. This challenge takes a toll on the children which has been proven to lead to various problems, including depression, mental health deterioration and even complete disintegration of the family. Katie Connolly has dedicated her expertise to helping families stay together and help them arrive in a better place mentally through her practice, gloWithin.

With gloWithin, Katie’s life work and expertise empower parents, educators, and children with simple yet powerful Somatic practices to experience greater peace, love, and joy. With her strong knowledge of the nervous system and Somatics, or body-based practices, gloWithin offers clients choices in tools that support them where they are.

As a society, we struggle to connect with our intuitions due to many factors, including years of learning to override those intuitions. This is why we are seeing such high rates of anxiety, depression, and burnout. However, with the proper guidance, every individual can return to wholeness and create inner peace. Katie Connolly is creating a haven of self-care through gloWithin.

Katie Connolly is an Expert Registered Yoga Teacher, Craniosacral Practitioner, Masters of Counselling Candidate, founded a Registered Children’s Yoga School, and has created award winning SEL tools for families, educators, and therapists. She is the founder and CEO of gloWithin, a Somatic Coaching Practice centred on coaching individuals, especially mothers, on recapturing their mental health via several tailored strategies ranging from Yoga to stress release exercises. Katie guides her clients in nourishing their nervous systems and creating sustainable self-care so they can tap into their intuitive wisdom.Katie’s background as a Craniosacral and Yoga instructor puts her miles ahead in the wellness industry, and thanks to simple, powerful Somatic tools, gloWithin helps individuals and their families nourish their family nervous system. As Katie puts it, “gloWithin is deeply rooted in our nervous system, which governs our physical, energetic, and mental health.”