Sometimes traveling comes with challenges, ranging from knowing how to navigate in a new country to having the numbers to call in the case of an emergency. This drove Martin Hergenröder’s decision to create the NINU_app.

The NINU app helps travelers access emergency numbers in any country they are traveling to or currently in.  According to the founder, NINU comes with every emergency number globally, regardless of the country one finds himself in. To put into perspective, as a traveler, tourist, or even a resident in any part of the world, NINU is the one-stop shop for you to get the emergency number needed to call for help.

At a time when the world is ultimately linked, and thanks to social media, information can be spread instantly. It is essential to have an app like NINU, which lets users leverage the internet and social media to contact emergency numbers of first responders around them. The app also helps create a phone book of emergency numbers, thus putting every emergency responder at the users’ fingertips.

Another cool feature of NINU_app is that individuals, companies, hotels, and airports can create an emergency phonebook peculiar to their city or country and have visitors scan their unique barcode to access those contacts. In simple terms, all a traveler needs to feel safe in a new country is the NINU app because, with just a scan in the airport or hotel, such a traveler can import all emergency numbers in that country within seconds.

To equip yourself ahead of your next overseas trip, download the NINU_app on the App Store.

NINU_app also considers the peculiarities of every country of the world, especially in Europe. Differences such as language and usage were effectively addressed for European users. According to the founder, NINU_app automatically updates itself as soon as there is a change in the user’s location.