Even though Generation Z has access to a multitude of knowledge, more than 75% of American teenagers need more confidence in their personal finance skills. Especially given that this is a generation rooted in the digital age, where materialistic lifestyles are championed and continually presented on every digital and social media platform. This is where Aadi Gujral and his FinLitFun movement come in, aiming to address today’s youth’s lack of financial literacy.

FinLitFun is a dynamic movement formed by Aadi Gujral, a seventeen-year-old high school senior who understood via his daily life that the next generation is in danger if their twisted perspective of worth and heightened desire for rapid satisfaction are not addressed. To meet this issue, FinLitFun has reinvented financial literacy by bringing concepts like budgeting, saving, investing, and credit knowledge to life, giving our users the tools they need to navigate their financial destiny.

According to Gujral, FinLitFun is based on the concept that financial literacy is a fundamental right rather than a privilege, which is why the platform was created with passion and purpose – by the youth, for the youth. With a stated goal “to revolutionize financial education, making it accessible, engaging, and ultimately, transformative.” 

FunLitFun is a cutting-edge, youth-focused app that combines the principles of financial literacy with the joy of gaming, creating an immersive platform that fosters curiosity, fosters knowledge, and encourages mastery. FinLitFun provides all of these tools for free, thanks to the generosity of individuals who share the same purpose.