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Cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular as a go-to option for individuals, models, and celebrities who want to look their best. According to research, the number of cosmetic operations in the plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery department went up by 49.4% in 2021 compared to 2020 and increased by 29.7% compared to 2019. As a significant player in the business, Elite Private Recovery is improving the procedures involved in cosmetic surgery, most especially aftercare.

Elite Private Recovery, established by Brownyn Sciarrino and Ciara Geraghty, is a comprehensive concierge service that partners with a range of specialists including surgeons, lymphatic massage therapists, hotel concierges, and suppliers to provide exceptional care. At Elite Private Recovery, Brownyn emphasizes the paramount importance of “safety” as the core principle. She highlights the practice’s well-equipped team of highly qualified professionals who possess extensive experience and certifications. These professionals include an office coordinator specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as nurses with diverse backgrounds in critical care, acute care, and emergency medicine. Furthermore, the co-founders themselves are readily accessible and actively involved in addressing client inquiries and providing attentive care.

Being driven by safety, Elite Private Recovery believes strongly in education, especially for patients to be able to care for themselves after their nursing care ends. Education is also an advantage to hiring us; we teach patients how to care for themselves so they can continue to heal after their nursing care ends. 

Elite Private Recovery prides itself on its extensive experience and prevents potential complications. They help patients with all aspects of their recovery, from medications, drain care, pain management, showering, and walking.

By providing personalized care and attention, Elite Private Recovery ensures that patients are able to feel their best after undergoing surgery. Their dedicated team of professionals is committed to helping patients recover and regain their strength, mobility, and overall health.