Roads today can barely match the standards of the world’s expanding challenges and technologies. In this context, Philipp Scheler through ECORO is pioneering the digital roadways in Germany, which is more than just a surface for mobility but an automated highway that ensures mobility is done in a timely and sustainable manner. 

According to Scheler, speed, economy, and resilience are at the heart of the ECORO’s digital road initiative. This is because they use every aspect of the road in an altogether new and novel way, allowing the building of an automated road for freight transport beneath the surface and a road for passenger transit above. According to Scheler, this is a fantastic combination that will sustainably transform mobility without the need for costly tunnel construction or difficult building processes.

ECORO’s modular road will alleviate the capacity restrictions as well as client budgets in a sustainable manner. This is because not only are construction expenses cut, but they are also recouped through long-term returns. Furthermore, clean energy is created right on the route, allowing inductive charging for electric vehicles and operating a fully electric freight transport system. The inside of the concrete elements can also supply fast and accessible internet, water systems, and communication infrastructure while adhering to worldwide sustainability principles.