Every element of a person’s life is impacted by personal tragedy, but their financial stability is particularly affected. Experiences with trauma and tragedies can have a detrimental effect on a person’s capacity to make a living or effectively support their immediate family and dependents, according to financial expert Dr. Nicole B. Simpson

Before the September 11, 2001, attacks, Dr. Nicole B. Simpson worked on the 73rd floor of Tower II in the World Trade Center. She uses her position to actively educate emotional and financial empowerment in the criminal justice and educational systems. She is now a captivating motivational speaker, author, and certified financial advisor.

Dr. Simpson specializes in helping men and women who have experienced traumatic and catastrophic circumstances. She assists them in overcoming their trauma and, above all, in preserving their financial security during the traumatizing phase. To put things in perspective, Dr. Simpson makes sure that her client’s financial security and capacity to provide for their families are unaffected by the trauma they have endured.

As someone who experienced an unanticipated, personal, severe tragedy that had an emotional and financial impact on her entire family, Dr. Simpson discovered that learning how to deal with unforeseen tragedies that can cause one’s personal life to stagnate is an experience that is both too important and frequently neglected. Through her work, she empathetically helps families dealing with severe, unforeseen disasters by showing them how to start down the path to recovery.

Dr. Simpson brings a very unique perspective to the traditional audience thanks to her knowledge and experience regarding the steps to becoming financially free.

She is actively involved in spiritual, emotional, and economic empowerment.  A compelling empowerment speaker, television/ radio personality, and author, Simpson travels throughout the United States teaching in a practical and easy-to-understand manner. Her simple approach motivates everyone who hears her message to take action to change their future.