Pioneering New Fitness Methods

Innovations propel the fitness industry, be it a new exercise approach or a new piece of equipment to improve movements and results. Sebastien Lagree is one industry leader who has stayed ahead of every fitness industry innovation. And, as a pro, he has invented a few things himself. 

Lagree, who began training for fitness at the age of 13, is the inventor, CEO, and founder of Lagree Fitness, a fully inclusive workout method that includes more than 500 fitness studios across 44 countries worldwide, a patented exercise method, and a full line of exercise machines and equipment that is constantly evolving. 

Speaking to journalist Dianna Lammerts on Founder’s Story, Lagree expresses his desire for expansion, having added two new countries to Lagree Fitness’ lineup. 

Lagree Fitness is a high-intensity, low-impact exercise method that tightens, strengthens, and tones in as little as 25 minutes per session by incorporating bodybuilding principles like Time Under Tension, which eliminates breaks from workouts and allows users to sweat, shake, and persevere for the entire duration of each class. Additionally, many Lagree motions involve the usage of 600 muscles at the same time, making this practice even more time-efficient for individuals on the go and looking for quick yet long-lasting benefits.

Lagree’s never-ending attempts to elevate the fitness sector have proven fruitful. With 100 patents, the developer of the #1 exercise on ClassPass, and a globally renowned brand, it’s no surprise that Sebastien Lagree is leading the industry’s evolution.