Bobbi Vargas is equipping businesses with the secrets to success thanks to her over 20 years of expertise in the luxury sales industry and her inspiring path from surviving a fatal form of skin cancer to launching a ground-breaking health and beauty firm.

Beginning her career in luxury sales, Bobbi Vargas polished her skills and collaborated with well-known fashion houses like Chanel, Versace, and Christian Dior. However, Bobbi’s enthusiasm extended beyond sales. She shifted into counseling entrepreneurs, assisting businesses in restructuring and boosting their revenue since she wanted to encourage and guide others to realize their aspirations. She had a long-lasting impact on entrepreneurship thanks to her knowledge of premium sales and unyielding resolve.

Bobbi reexamined her well-being and the conventional view of health and beauty after experiencing a series of events that changed her life. After learning she had a fatal kind of skin cancer, Bobbi’s will to live and her desire to be present for her child drove her search for creative strategies to support physical and emotional wellness. This quest resulted in the founding of Bodela, a cutting-edge health and beauty company. 

Bodela challenges preconceived notions about the natural beauty and health sector by providing customers with cutting-edge goods and services that enhance general well-being. To help entrepreneurs entering the health and wellness market grow their businesses while supporting others in attaining their own personal and health goals, Bobbi wants to offer holistic wellness solutions.

The influence of Bobbi Vargas goes beyond business. She actively tries to improve the lives of women and children who have escaped sex trafficking with a sympathetic spirit. Through Bodela, Bobbi helps these survivors find financial independence by offering accommodation and instructing in-demand skills like body shaping and permanent makeup. Her charitable activities reflect her dedication to changing the world, one person at a time.

Bobbi Vargas is aware of the importance of mindset for success. She welcomes difficulties, absorbs lessons from errors, and tenaciously pursues her objectives. Her experience serves as a case study of the positive effects of a growth mindset. 

Bobbi wants Bodela to be a well-known, dependable brand that promotes holistic well-being and provides honest services and goods. Bodela retreats are designed for business owners seeking renewal and personal development. These intensive encounters offer entrepreneurs a transforming setting to acquire the necessary skills and realize their full potential.