Beyond physical well-being, holistic wellness includes care for a person’s entire being, including emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, financial, occupational, and spiritual well-being. According to board-certified physician Tomi Mitchell, these factors form a wellness wheel. When one portion of the wheel is off, it affects the rest of the wheel. 

Dr. Tomi Mitchell, a Certified Coach and Board-Certified Family Physician founded Holistic Wellness Strategies, a Wellness Clinic that stresses the complete well-being of clients and patients. Dr. Tomi is a brave, imaginative, enthusiastic, brilliant, and energetic lady with over a decade of experience operating various businesses and being a mother. She is a high-achieving individual primarily motivated by her personal and professional objectives.

Dr. Mitchell’s practice is built on family medicine concepts as a family physician and holistic health coach. Dr. Mitchell combines solid science-backed tactics with a personal approach that she has used in her own life and with past clients to consistently reach this degree of success. With particular emphasis on helping her clients destress and reduce their cortisol level, Dr. Mitchell is known to develop a unique treatment strategy that is tailored to each patient’s needs, rather than apply the cookie-cutter approach that most industry players are known for.

Dr. Tomi Mitchell enables executives, leaders, physicians, lawyers, and other professionals to reduce burnout and overload on the job and in their personal lives. This she does via a selection of transformative courses designed to empower them on their journey towards holistic well-being. According to Dr. Mitchell, these courses are carefully curated to provide valuable knowledge, practical tools, and actionable steps to enhance personal development and create positive change.