Visionaries emerge in the constantly changing fields of technology and construction, helping define their respective sectors’ future. Construction technology expert Ayad Chammas is at the forefront of this exciting juncture. Ayad has had a tremendous career spanning over three decades, leading massive construction projects worldwide.

Ayad Chammas has over 30 years of expertise in all facets of construction and investing. He is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and expert in construction technology. He has invested in greener, renewable energy sources and, most importantly, ensured that the construction industry is energy efficient.

Ayad is renowned for his outstanding ability to negotiate the complexity of huge organizations and revolutionize crucial operations through digitization. He is a technology investor and a leading specialist in digital transformation. Thanks to his astute advice and position as a director on the boards of various startups worldwide, he has contributed to the development and success of creative initiatives in various areas.

Ayad is one of the few founders who has committed years and expertise to ensuring a safer environment. He is one of the earliest founders in construction to switch from fossil fuel and CO2 emissions to green energy, waste-to-energy systems, solar systems, and autonomous solutions. 

Ayad Chammas’ steadfast support for artificial intelligence in construction is at the core of his devotion. He is actively working with innovative businesses in this sector, giving his knowledge and insights to promote breakthroughs in construction technology since he recognizes how AI can potentially change the sector.

Ayad Chammas is one of the early adopters of the use of AI in construction, and according to him, this would help solve the safety, sustainability, and cost problems the industry has faced. For Ayad, when he made his entry into the construction technology business, many of these technologies were lacking and non-existent, but due to his commitment to improvement, Ayad tapped into outside industries like AI, Robotics, and many others to attain 20% efficiency improvements in the past year. 

Ayad Chammas has led and carried out projects in numerous countries throughout his successful career, creating a lasting impression. He is regarded as a seasoned construction technologist and a leading figure in digital transformation because of his broad international expertise. As a result of his efforts to make the building site safer and more effective, he was recognized with the Health and Safety and Environment Awards.