As the US witnesses a surge in the acceptance and use of cannabis for various legal purposes, a stringent compliance framework has emerged for the cannabis sector. Key to holding a cannabis license in the US is abiding by this framework.

Enter Melissa Rutherford, the CEO and co-founder of 1620 Partners LLC. This American-based regulatory compliance organization stands at the forefront of ensuring cannabis businesses adhere to the law. With a strategic, results-oriented approach, Melissa and her team harness industry-standard rules to guide firms toward effective risk management and compliance.

Melissa highlights that 1620 Partners LLC bridges the love for cannabis with its legal nuances. The team boasts over 25 years of regulatory and compliance expertise within the legal, recreational, and medical cannabis arenas. They collaborate closely with regulatory bodies, facilitating licensing and development of compliant cannabis enterprises.

In a conversation with Dianna Lammerts from Founder’s Story, Melissa revealed that 1620 Partners provides hands-on advisory services, aiding businesses in smoothly navigating the dynamic cannabis sector. Their edge? A seasoned crew comprising former Massachusetts State Cannabis Regulators and industry connoisseurs. “We ensure swift, cost-efficient transitions through the regulatory maze,” Melissa notes.

Furthermore, Melissa underscores the unique expertise of her team in the legal and regulatory landscape. With their multifaceted experience, including direct engagements with commissioners and regulators, 1620 Partners ensures businesses are primed for success.