BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Soaring 13 stories high and hurtling 58 mph through a series of hair-raising dives and turns, the new Wonder Woman Flight of Courage roller coaster is expected to lasso droves of thrill seekers when it opens next month at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The coaster — touted as the tallest and longest single-rail coaster in the world — sends four trains of 12 passengers each zooming along 3,300 feet of track. Expect screams with a sheer 87-degree first drop and three spots where riders will be turned upside down, including a 180-degree stall.

Courtesy Six Flags Magic Mountain.

“This is an historic milestone for our park as we introduce the latest addition to our unrivaled coaster dynasty, Wonder Woman Flight of Courage,” said park President Don McCoy in a news release. “Not only is this a record-breaking single-rail coaster, it brings Six Flags Magic Mountain’s coaster count to an unprecedented twenty, the most in the world.”

Experience the power of the daughter of Zeus for yourself when the attraction opens Saturday, July 16.