SAN DIEGO — A fan-favorite animal family at the San Diego Zoo has a new member: an adorable baby sloth that’s just over 1-month-old.

The zoo shared photos and a health update on the little animal in a news release Thursday. The baby sloth, a girl that is yet to be named, was born June 25 to mother Xena.

The young sloth is doing well, the zoo said, “instinctively clinging to her mother, nursing and gaining strength each day.”

The new addition was a large baby at birth and is developing quickly — it was already eating solid foods on day three, which is normally not seen until day 10.

“Xena is taking excellent care of her baby as it continues to grow and thrive every day,” Clint Lusardi, the zoo’s wildlife care manager, said in a prepared statement.

“Our team of wildlife care specialists have been interacting with Xena and the baby from day one and we are proud to slowly start introducing the little one to our guests, giving them the chance to learn about this amazing species.”

The critter is a Linné’s two-toed sloth — animals that live in the trees of tropical and cloud forests in South America.

“They make their way along branches slowly but surely, hanging by their 3- to 4-inch-long curved claws,” the zoo explains. “Their slow-motion lifestyle has a lot to do with the relatively low nutritional value of what they eat—mostly leaves, stems, buds, and some fruit—which they digest slowly through a large, four-chambered stomach, like a cow.”

The baby sloth, a girl, cuddles up with mother Xena. (Photo: Ken Bohn/San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance)

Sloth habitats in the wild are threatened by deforestation and other forms of habitat destruction. They are classified as a species of “least concern” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species.

The zoo said the baby sloth’s birth was recommended under the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, which aims to maintain a healthy population of the animals.

Xena and the baby live at the all-new Wildlife Explorers Basecamp, which recently opened in the space of the old Children’s Zoo.