SAN DIEGO — Thrill seekers will soon have a new ride to check off their list with the upcoming opening of SeaWorld San Diego’s newest ride “Arctic Rescue.”

The roller coaster, which is set to open this spring, will be the fastest and longest coaster on the West Coast, reaching speeds up to 40 mph, SeaWorld said.

On Wednesday, SeaWorld officials invited members of the media to see the construction progress on the upcoming coaster, providing a first look at the track.

Arctic Rescue will be 2,800 feet long with three separate launches that gradually increase in speed as riders race through the arctic, going as high as 30 feet in the air.

Riders will begin their journey inside the Wild Arctic exhibit, where they will board a snowmobile style vehicle at the ride’s first launch station. The coaster will then take riders outside through various banks, turns and launches, simulating the unpredictable nature of the arctic climate.

The ride, which is manufactured by Intamin Worldwide, will have trains that will carry 16 passengers in eight, two-person rows.

Arctic Rescue is the successor to the Wild Arctic ride, a flight motion simulator that took riders on an arctic adventure before exiting guests to the animal exhibit. The motion simulator was retired in Jan. 2020 as SeaWorld San Diego made plans for the Arctic Rescue ride.

The Wild Arctic exhibit is home to three beluga whales, five Pacific walruses, three harbor seals and one ringed seals. Guests do not have to go on the Arctic Rescue ride to see the animals.

When Arctic Rescue opens this spring, it will become the sixth roller coaster at the park, joining Journey to Atlantis, Manta, Tidal Twister, Electric Eel and Emperor, which opened in March, 2022.

The exact release date for Arctic Rescue has not yet been released.