SAN DIEGO — Thanksgiving is a time of appreciating family, friends and food.

While many celebrate the holiday in their own homes, others use it as a time to explore a new destination.

WalletHub, a personal finance company, recently conducted a study ranking the top 100 U.S. cities to go to for Thanksgiving based on five key dimensions: holiday celebrations and traditions, affordability, safety and accessibility, giving thanks and Thanksgiving weather forecast.

San Diego took the No. 3 overall spot, ranking No. 1 for its celebrations and traditions which consisted of key metrics like pumpkin patches per capita, Google search interest for Thanksgiving celebrations and holiday decoration shops.

For safety and accessibility, San Diego placed No. 21 when it came to perception of safety (safety walking alone during daylight/night), pedestrian fatalities per capita, DUI-related fatalities in motor vehicle crashes around Thanksgiving per capita, share of delayed flights near Thanksgiving holiday and traffic congestion. 

“Yet staying in America’s Finest City for Thanksgiving will cost you more than you’d spend in the Bay Area, with the lowest price for a three-star hotel room on Thanksgiving coming in at $99, and a Thanksgiving dinner running around $92,” the study said.

Other California cities that made the list include San Francisco (1), San Jose (2), Los Angeles (13), Fremont (50), Irvine (64), Chula Vista (69), Sacramento (75), Oakland (79), Riverside (80), Fresno (81), Long Beach (86), Santa Ana (87), Bakersfield (88), San Bernardino (95) and Stockton (100).