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SAN DIEGO — New Orleans may be known as the ultimate city for Mardi Gras celebrations, but you may not have to jet set to the marshland after all.

Lawn Love compared the 200 biggest cities in the U.S. by the number of Mardi Gras events, Cajun food vendors, costume stores and community interest to find out which spots let the good times roll.

According to their findings, San Diego is the 10th best city for Mardi Gras in the country. Here’s a breakdown of how the region ranked in each category compared to the other 199 considered cities.

— Entertainment Rank: 26th

— Food Rank: 90th

— Party Supplies Rank: 4th

— Community Interest Rank: 19th

When mentioning San Diego in their study, Lawn Love highlighted the Gaslamp Quarter’s three-day span of Mardi Gras activities. The annual fun includes eating, drinking and dancing along the city’s noteworthy Fifth Avenue.

Participate in the merrymaking yourself! More information on the Gaslamp Quarter’s 2023 event can be found here.

Still curious about other cities were deemed Mardi Gras-worthy? Here’s a complete list of the top 10 cities for the occasion, according to the survey.

Overall RankCityOverall Score
#1New Orleans, LA52.96
#2New York, NY36.88
#3Las Vegas, NV36.47
#4Los Angeles, CA26.12
#5Houston, TX24.74
#Miami, FL23.97
#7Chicago, IL20.89
#8San Francisco, CA18.8
#9St. Louis, MO17.05
#10San Diego, CA16.69

For those celebrating Mardi Gras in San Diego this month — may the colorful beads be in abundance and the libations cheerful.