New SeaWorld roller coaster on track to open in May

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SAN DIEGO — SeaWorld’s newest roller coaster is slated to open in May — just in time for summer.

The Tidal Twister is the first of its kind, according to the park. Described as a dueling horizontal roller coaster developed by Florida-based ride manufacturer Skyline Attractions, two 16-passenger trains will accelerate up to 30 miles per hour on a figure-8 track with a rolling section at the center.

The Tidal Twister will sit next to the Aquaria touch tank and aquarium and feature elements encouraging oceanic conservation and sustainability from Rising Tide Conservation, a collaborative aquaculture research effort SeaWorld launched in 2009. Rising Tide Conservation seeks an alternative to the collection of wild fish and the damage it can cause to coral reefs, according to SeaWorld.

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