A man who rushed comedian Dave Chappelle on stage at the Hollywood Bowl won’t be charged with a felony, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced Thursday.

The case instead was referred to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office for misdemeanor filing consideration.

“After reviewing the evidence, prosecutors determined that while criminal conduct occurred, the evidence as presented did not constitute felony conduct,” a statement from spokesman Greg Risling read. “The District Attorney’s Office does not prosecute misdemeanor crimes within the city of Los Angeles.”

Officials did not elaborate on the determination.

Isaiah Lee, 23, was detained after the incident, which occurred around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday during Chappelle’s performance as part of the Netflix is A Joke comedy festival.

He had what appeared to be a handgun in his hand, but it turned out to be a replica that contained a blade, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

Sources told the Los Angeles Times, however, that Lee did not brandish the weapon, but it was found inside a bag he was carrying.

Security personnel and others quickly got Lee away from Chappelle, who was not injured.

Lee was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained during the struggle, and was later booked on felony suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

It is unclear how Lee managed to get on stage during the performance.

The suspect was being held on $30,000 bail.