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SAN DIEGO — Machine Gun Kelly, accompanied by his fiancée and actress Megan Fox at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, sported an 880-diamond nail set that caught the eyes of many thanks to a local jeweler.

The American rapper, who received a nomination for top rock artist, rocked a diamond nail set designed by San Diego-based jeweler Marrow Fine and Los Angeles-based nail salon Nails of LA, according to a press release from both companies. Taking over 10 hours to create, the jewelry’s total carat weight was 11.4 and worth $30,000.

“I’m honored to partner with Nails of LA to design this manicure for Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox,” said Jillian Sassone, founder and creative director of Marrow Fine. “Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are one of the most featured and fashionable couples of the moment, so to design something so unique for charity was an offer I simply could not refuse.”

Kelly also wore a Til Death ring and Waterfall Band from Marrow, the jeweler added.

Marrow Fine said all of the proceeds from the rings will be donated to charity as the pricy diamond nail set was upcycled after the awards show into a collection of 10 limited edition rings available for sale at