SAN DIEGO — With the holiday’s approaching, seeing the face of “Home Alone” child star Macaulay Culkin is expected. Now, years later, he’s making a whole new TV appearance on behalf of a well-known organization in San Diego.

Culkin took the digital podium Thursday night to compete in an episode of the popular American game show “Celebrity Jeopardy!”

He was joined by comedian and actress Rachel Dratch, who’s known for creating the “Saturday Night Live” character Debbie Downer. Also at the podium, was WWE superstar and professional wrestler Becky Lynch.

Each of the celebrities were vying to raise money for their respective charities, with Culkin competing for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.

As most San Diegans know, this “not-for-profit” organization operates the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, while also supporting conservation efforts internationally.

Meanwhile, Dratch played on behalf of food rescue organization City Harvest, and Lynch answered questions for The V Foundation which supports critical pediatric cancer research.

As the game edged to a close with “Final Jeopardy” next, Culkin had earned $16,800, Dratch had racked up $23,000 and Lynch wrestled a low balance of $500.

The final category was “Artists” and the clue was “exhumed in 2017 to settle a paternity suit, his mustache had preserved its classic 10-past-10 position.”

Can you guess the answer? It’s painter Salvador Dali.

As it turns out, all three contestants wrote in the correct answer. The winner was determined based on wagers. With Lynch out due to her low earnings, it came down to Culkin and Dratch.

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance supporter wagered his full $16,800, in turn, totaling his earnings to $33,600.

Dratch, on the other hand, wagered $10,601. This brought her tally to $33,601 — giving her the victory by just one buck.

The nail-biting moments of “Final Jeopardy” can be viewed here.

Despite the narrowed defeat, Culkin still raised $30,000 for the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance.