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SAN DIEGO — Two young YouTube stars from San Diego have become millionaires thanks to their popular online videos.

Brian Awadis, who is better known as FaZe Rug, has over 4 million fans who subscribe to his YouTube channel. His brother, Brandon, aka Brawadis, has 1.4 million fans.

Brian Awadis was in his first year of college when his daily prank videos began to take off on YouTube. The 20-year-old was then able to turn his day-in-the-life videos into millions of dollars.

“It’s a variety of things. There is ad revenue, there are partnerships, a bunch of different things that go into it.”

The young men say they don’t see it as a job, but rather a hobby.

“We just like to treat our fans with a video every day. They give us so much, Without them we wouldn’t be here, so we want to give them a video every day,” Brandon Awadis said. “We have no end goal. We’ll see where it takes us.”

The YouTube sensations stopped by the FOX 5 Morning News on Friday the 13th: