SAN DIEGO – On the day of music legend Tina Turner’s death, people nearly sold out Taang! Records in Hillcrest of all her work.

Shop owner Curtis Casella said he had to make a trip to the warehouse midday just to restock the shelves with Turner’s records.

“I passed by and then I heard her music playing and I’m still in disbelief,” said Aaliyah Coronado while leaving Taang! Records Wednesday evening.

As fans began to hear the news of Turner’s passing, fans then sometimes become the ones to actually break the news to record shop owners. Casella said that’s exactly what happened Wednesday.

“They let us know, we didn’t know yet,” Casella said.

There’s a common theme when a music legend dies that usually gives Casella and record shop owners all over a clue: they start to see a renewed interest in the artist’s work.

“All her solo stuff sold right away,” Casella said.

The Turner and Ike and Tina records have been given a place front and center at Taang! Records.

“She was a legend, she was an icon. Definitely when you think of music, you think of Tina Turner because she’s just so iconic. She has this little flare on the stage,” Coronado said. 

Turner was widely referred to as the “Queen of Rock n’ Roll” with a list of accolades that lived up to the name. Even after more than six decades spent entertaining, fans still wanted more.

“I saw her, it was probably 10 or 15 years ago, she put on an amazing show. Dancing around like it was 1965 or something, it was awesome. I just wish we got to see her again,” Casella said.