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LOS ANGELES – A new dating site aimed at Kanye West fans is set to launch later this month.

The site is called “Yeezy Dating” and will help Kanye lovers find other fans.

The app’s users will be matched based on location. They will also be able to select their favorite Kanye songs as a way of finding like-minded people. The website also features a Spotify playlist titled “The Yeezy Fans Dating Playlist.”

The site was created through a crowdfunding campaign launched by 21-year-old Harry Dry, according to NME.

“This isn’t Tinder,” Dry said. “This isn’t about ‘Netflix and chill.’ I think Kanye fans are a good fit. We’re bringing the dreamers together!”

Those interested can sign up via email for early access to the service.

Users should avoid mentioning Taylor Swift and Kanye Feud, as the site explicitly bans Taylor Swift fans.

Kanye is not currently endorsing the dating site.