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SAN DIEGO — A new Spider-Man exhibit at the Comic-Con Museum in San Diego is set to open to the public Friday, and FOX 5 got a sneak peek at the first-of-its-kind display in the U.S.

“Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing – The Exhibition” is located inside the Balboa Park museum, featuring life-sized character sculptures, iconic costumes and artifacts that connect to Peter Parker’s journey.

Brian Crosby, the creative director of Marvel Themed Entertainment for Disney, gave FOX 5 an exclusive look at the immersive experience.

“Whether you’re a fan of the comics, the video games, the movies, animation, whatever it is, whatever your touch points of Spider-Man, there’s something here, and a lot to learn about the 60-year history of Spider-Man,” Crosby said.

Crosby calls the exhibit “really special” as there has never been a Marvel exhibit with such a deep dive into one character.

“The world met Spider-Man in 1962, and he remains a sensation today. This 7,500 square-foot exhibit mixes collectible artifacts with innovative technology,” said Rita Vandergaw, executive director of the Comic-Con Museum.

For ticket information of “Spider-Man: Beyond Amazing – The Exhibition,” click here.